Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Back to sunny england

Got back yesterday from turkey.It was fab and red hot. We stayed at a lovely hotel and they even upgraded us to a suite.I weighed myself today and have ot put any weight on.I cant believe it cos i ate loads. I had wait for it SIX KEBABS while i was there but it is all grilled meat. Its the first holiday i had where i have not binged and gone mad. I did eat loads and overindulged but stayed in control. I did have 2 blips where i over indulged and then threw up, not good but was able to pick myself back up again.
I have my last 2 NLP sessions tomorrow so fingers crossed. I have not binged since my first session in early september. I never thought I would be free of it but I am and it feels so good.
Today I went to the gym and saw some women hula hooping in the empty studio.It looks fab and I asked if I could join them next week. I had a little go and I wasnt too bad. I will be buying a hula hoop from hula hoop dance company, im so excited. I had a pt session today and burnt 488 cals.Today my eating is back to normal and i have ate/;
S=apple and babaybel lite
L=2 egg frittata and 30g pasta and salad
S=options Latte and pineapple and grapes
S=1 x finn crisp and laughing cow triangle
D-Chicken and spanish rice
S=Melon and Green and Blacks

I really need to plan my meals even more and plan for 6 instead of 4 snacks.I really want to have a clean diet

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  1. glad you had a good holiday, kebabs are very healthy if you just stick to the grilled meat rather than shit-on-a-stick variety you see in the local kebab houses round where I live, lol!

    hula hooping sounds like loads of fun, don't think I'd get one though, I'd probably break something!