Friday, October 16, 2009

went hula hoopin today and it was so much fun! i burnt 300 cals in 30 mins. I loved it and will definately go again. We had loadsa stares from people using the gym as we were in an empty studio but i didnt care. I am actually quite good at it.(sorry to be bigheaded)
I ramg natural balance today and ordered the nakd new flavours trial pack. They were so helpful on the phone and have gave me 2 free trek flapjacks cos i asked what they were like. how nice.
food has been ok today:
B=Protein pancakes
L= 2 egg omelate with 100g egg whites, 30g pasta, salad
S= 2 finn crisp with philadephia and 1 x quorn sausage roll(mini)

Going out for my meal tonight but have loads of calories left.Had my hair done today, my roots were proper showing.

In a rush so will post again later

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