Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have not posted on here for ages. My internet was broke and I had to get it fixed.I am now off work for 4 days(hurrah) and go back on monday. When I was last on here, It was a day before my final NLP session. It went really well.Its a real long drive to leeds but worth it. I have not binged!!!!!!! Its mad. The thought of binges dont even cross my mind even more. I even had a bit of utterly butterly on my bread the other day instead of my extra light flora and it wasnt the end of the world nor did it trigger a binge.
Its made sucha differnce to my life not binging. It was so tiring, mentally and physically.
Anyway.....tomorrow I am going hula hooping. Im so excited. I have just ordered my hula hoop online but will use my borrowed one tomorrow.Today I went thai boxing and burnt 480 calories.

Today I have ate:
B=Porridge with skimmed milk
L=30g wholewheat pasta and 2 eggs and salad, options capacinno
S=1 Qourn mini sausage roll(i went shopping and could resist them), 2 finn crisp and philadephia lite
D=Grassingtons vegy bake with carrots, peas, and brocolli

I really need to shift some weight. Anyway I will post tomorrow and let yiu know how my hula hooping went!

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