Monday, October 26, 2009


I have not posted for a week, its very lazy of me i know.I have been at work all week but am now on my days off.My food had been good even though i went alton towers on friday and ate an ice cream(lovely) and a chicken baguette for lunch that made me sooooooo sleepy that i needed a power nap.
The main thing to report is that I still HAVENT binged. I cant believe it, its mad. I am just totally normalish around food. I have lost 1kg in the last 2 weeks so my weight is coming off slowly, so very pleased about that.
I am now obsessed with hula hooping! i can move with my hoop now and can hoop with it around my neck. I love it!
I have had a pt session today and doing 300. This is a workout where you have to to 300 reps, eg squats, press ups, sit ups, anything really but in total it needs to add up to nearly killed me,

today i have ate:
B=porridge with skimmed milk
L=baked sweet potoato, cottage cheese and salad.

I have seen a recipe on edna buckets blog with cod and spaghetti so i will try that tonight, going to the theatre to watch dinner ladies tonight so will take a planned treat with me for the internal(i can see me raiding the man who walks about with ice cream if i dont)
I managed to buy a lara bar from my sainburys the other day. It was ginger snap, it was a bit too strong for me.Think I will stick to my trusted nakd bars. Them lara bars were also £1.47 each so not cheap.
I am going to manchester tomorrow shopping, I have a free mini facial booked in at ren at harvey nicholls, they do lovely natural beauty care. Cant wait. My pt has suggested that i have a day where i eat 1000 on top of my daily allowance once a week. Tomorrow is that day.Im so excited!!! 2200 calories, its a luxury

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