Saturday, October 17, 2009


I tried my new cocoa orange nakd bar today, it was like chewy terrys chocolate orange but without the rubbish in. I was so pleased with my nakd deliveries as i only ordered them yesterday. I have not been up to much today except going to the gym. I have just lazed around the house. I have just bought some promax crisp bars as they are on offer on thier site. Its buy 1 get 1 free. I said its buy one, get 1 free(sad i know) . I have bought 24 bars for £11.83 and they ave 84 cals with 6g protein.Today i have ate:

B=podge with skimmed milk
L-granary stick with philadelphia and salad, apple
S=naked and options capaccino
S=2 x qourn mini sausage rolls(i need to finish these bloddy things,I should never have bought them)
Dinner will be chicken, I did buy some salmon but to be honest its too fishy for me and makes me gag.

Last night i went for a meal at a turkish place, it was lovely/ I had grilled lamb with a flatbread and about 5 chips. It was lovely.
I am still not binging(hurrah) I must count the total number of days I have not binged for and will treat myself to summat non foodie when i get to 100 days

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