Saturday, November 07, 2009

exercise cals

after weeks of losing no weight(and even putting on) i have now got it in my thick skull that i need to eat my exercise calories. I posted on wlr last night re the starvation mode and everybody who replied said EAT YOUR EXERCISE CALORIES! i guess i have been scared of eating them cos im scared il put on weight.Iv gone from bingeing to eat 1000s of cals in 1 sitting to not eating my exercise cals, its very irrational thinking,i have however started from today to eat my exercise cals.i havent lost any weight so now i need to re think and re start.I aiming to eating half of the cals.
i woke up today and went to the gym, i was really tired and didnt want to go, i forced myself and ending up spending 15 mins there! i started doing my weights program but was putting in no effort so i just came home. I havent done this for 2 years where i have come home but i couldnt be bothered. I live only 2 mins way from the gym. I have had 4 sessions at the gym this week anyway,I will have a day off tomorrow and then i will be back to normal on monday, i know it was just a small blip.
food has been good,
B=shredded wheat with skimmed milk
L=rye bread with chicken and cucumber
D=not sure

i had a S&*t day yesterday, i had a works event in the afternoon and tried on my size 10 trousers. I couldnt even do them up, i was so shocked and upset but was a real wake up call as to why i need to lose my weight, i never want to feel like that again.thats why i will do anything to lose my weight, even eat my exercise calories!
my hula hooping is going good, i can do a few tricks now, i wore my hrm the other day and burnt 489 cals in just 50 mins. I love it!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

i am getting lazy with my blog, sorry! I have been going over my cals most days but this is down to me not planning my food and eating shit.the main thing is that i have not been binging, hurrah! i have been feeling really down today,i feel fat and have lost no weight in the last few days, i thought i would now that i have my ed under control but i havent. I exercise 5 times a week and eat 1250 cals, i really dont know where i am going wrong. i sometime wonder if im the only person in the world who cant lose weight. i dont want to use the excuse that its cos im 5ft that its harder for me as other people my height can lose weight and do. I know that just losing 7lbs will make such a differnce to me. work has been ok today,i have 1 more day before i am off for 4 days. my hula hooping is going good and i can now do a booty bump. i finished work and went my mums and ended up having a mini argument with her over personal family stuff, people are so selfish!i ended up walking out and was crying in my car. i feel real rubbish now and fat. i will have to start reading the e version of tom venuto and maybe try his plan for a few weeks. my weight makes me so miserable. and it has such a negative impact on all aspects of my life,iv lost my confidence and i hate,i just want to how i was.

ps sorry for the negative post

Monday, October 26, 2009


I have not posted for a week, its very lazy of me i know.I have been at work all week but am now on my days off.My food had been good even though i went alton towers on friday and ate an ice cream(lovely) and a chicken baguette for lunch that made me sooooooo sleepy that i needed a power nap.
The main thing to report is that I still HAVENT binged. I cant believe it, its mad. I am just totally normalish around food. I have lost 1kg in the last 2 weeks so my weight is coming off slowly, so very pleased about that.
I am now obsessed with hula hooping! i can move with my hoop now and can hoop with it around my neck. I love it!
I have had a pt session today and doing 300. This is a workout where you have to to 300 reps, eg squats, press ups, sit ups, anything really but in total it needs to add up to nearly killed me,

today i have ate:
B=porridge with skimmed milk
L=baked sweet potoato, cottage cheese and salad.

I have seen a recipe on edna buckets blog with cod and spaghetti so i will try that tonight, going to the theatre to watch dinner ladies tonight so will take a planned treat with me for the internal(i can see me raiding the man who walks about with ice cream if i dont)
I managed to buy a lara bar from my sainburys the other day. It was ginger snap, it was a bit too strong for me.Think I will stick to my trusted nakd bars. Them lara bars were also £1.47 each so not cheap.
I am going to manchester tomorrow shopping, I have a free mini facial booked in at ren at harvey nicholls, they do lovely natural beauty care. Cant wait. My pt has suggested that i have a day where i eat 1000 on top of my daily allowance once a week. Tomorrow is that day.Im so excited!!! 2200 calories, its a luxury

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I tried my new cocoa orange nakd bar today, it was like chewy terrys chocolate orange but without the rubbish in. I was so pleased with my nakd deliveries as i only ordered them yesterday. I have not been up to much today except going to the gym. I have just lazed around the house. I have just bought some promax crisp bars as they are on offer on thier site. Its buy 1 get 1 free. I said its buy one, get 1 free(sad i know) . I have bought 24 bars for £11.83 and they ave 84 cals with 6g protein.Today i have ate:

B=podge with skimmed milk
L-granary stick with philadelphia and salad, apple
S=naked and options capaccino
S=2 x qourn mini sausage rolls(i need to finish these bloddy things,I should never have bought them)
Dinner will be chicken, I did buy some salmon but to be honest its too fishy for me and makes me gag.

Last night i went for a meal at a turkish place, it was lovely/ I had grilled lamb with a flatbread and about 5 chips. It was lovely.
I am still not binging(hurrah) I must count the total number of days I have not binged for and will treat myself to summat non foodie when i get to 100 days

Friday, October 16, 2009

went hula hoopin today and it was so much fun! i burnt 300 cals in 30 mins. I loved it and will definately go again. We had loadsa stares from people using the gym as we were in an empty studio but i didnt care. I am actually quite good at it.(sorry to be bigheaded)
I ramg natural balance today and ordered the nakd new flavours trial pack. They were so helpful on the phone and have gave me 2 free trek flapjacks cos i asked what they were like. how nice.
food has been ok today:
B=Protein pancakes
L= 2 egg omelate with 100g egg whites, 30g pasta, salad
S= 2 finn crisp with philadephia and 1 x quorn sausage roll(mini)

Going out for my meal tonight but have loads of calories left.Had my hair done today, my roots were proper showing.

In a rush so will post again later

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have not posted on here for ages. My internet was broke and I had to get it fixed.I am now off work for 4 days(hurrah) and go back on monday. When I was last on here, It was a day before my final NLP session. It went really well.Its a real long drive to leeds but worth it. I have not binged!!!!!!! Its mad. The thought of binges dont even cross my mind even more. I even had a bit of utterly butterly on my bread the other day instead of my extra light flora and it wasnt the end of the world nor did it trigger a binge.
Its made sucha differnce to my life not binging. It was so tiring, mentally and physically.
Anyway.....tomorrow I am going hula hooping. Im so excited. I have just ordered my hula hoop online but will use my borrowed one tomorrow.Today I went thai boxing and burnt 480 calories.

Today I have ate:
B=Porridge with skimmed milk
L=30g wholewheat pasta and 2 eggs and salad, options capacinno
S=1 Qourn mini sausage roll(i went shopping and could resist them), 2 finn crisp and philadephia lite
D=Grassingtons vegy bake with carrots, peas, and brocolli

I really need to shift some weight. Anyway I will post tomorrow and let yiu know how my hula hooping went!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Back to sunny england

Got back yesterday from turkey.It was fab and red hot. We stayed at a lovely hotel and they even upgraded us to a suite.I weighed myself today and have ot put any weight on.I cant believe it cos i ate loads. I had wait for it SIX KEBABS while i was there but it is all grilled meat. Its the first holiday i had where i have not binged and gone mad. I did eat loads and overindulged but stayed in control. I did have 2 blips where i over indulged and then threw up, not good but was able to pick myself back up again.
I have my last 2 NLP sessions tomorrow so fingers crossed. I have not binged since my first session in early september. I never thought I would be free of it but I am and it feels so good.
Today I went to the gym and saw some women hula hooping in the empty studio.It looks fab and I asked if I could join them next week. I had a little go and I wasnt too bad. I will be buying a hula hoop from hula hoop dance company, im so excited. I had a pt session today and burnt 488 cals.Today my eating is back to normal and i have ate/;
S=apple and babaybel lite
L=2 egg frittata and 30g pasta and salad
S=options Latte and pineapple and grapes
S=1 x finn crisp and laughing cow triangle
D-Chicken and spanish rice
S=Melon and Green and Blacks

I really need to plan my meals even more and plan for 6 instead of 4 snacks.I really want to have a clean diet